President's Message - Sheriff Joe Gamble

Message from the MSA President - Sheriff Joseph Gamble

I am honored to serve as your President of the Maryland Sheriffs' Association (MSA) for the 2023-2024 term. This is a role that I do not take lightly and will represent this organization, you, and the community to the best of my ability. I am grateful to have had the great leadership of my predecessors who have paved the way so far, as well as serving as the 1st Vice President - which has primed me to hit the ground running in this new role.

I am mindful that we, as law enforcement members, face challenging times with unprecedent crime, particularly juvenile crime, and new "reform laws" that have negatively impacted our ability for comprehensive policing. It is not lost on me that the men and women in law enforcement are risking much of their personal and professional lives all to ensure the citizens in their communities are safe.

It is my fervent mission to be the voice of my fellow law enforcement members and to engage with the law makers in the State of Maryland to help them understand the ramifications of the legislation they propose and have passed in the previous General Assembly. I believe we can work together with all stakeholders and build on the common goal of protecting citizens; reduce crime; increase our visibility of the positive impacts we as law enforcement members have on our communities; and work towards educating our legislators and thought leaders on positive policing.

I look forward to representing this courageous and selfless group of law enforcement members and will work hard to make sure your voices are heard. I remain grateful for this opportunity to serve you and you have my commitment to utilize this office as an opportunity to unite and engage all stakeholders - but I can't do this alone. Therefore, I am charging each of you to engage and communicate within your communities the great work you're doing and share those challenges you face due to the legislation.

Together, we can make positive improvements in the way we serve our communities. I look forward to working for and with you in the coming year.


Joseph Gamble

Sheriff, Talbot County, MD

President, Maryland Sheriff's Association