President's Message - Sheriff Jeff Gahler

As the President of the Maryland Sheriff’s Association, I would like to thank you for visiting our website.  The office of sheriff is one of the oldest offices known to the common law system of jurisprudence.  Whatever his or her duties might be, the county sheriff is, above all, the chief constitutional law enforcement officer of the county.  The elected sheriffs from each of Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions comprise the Executive Board of the Maryland Sheriffs' Association and collectively, our sheriffs work to provide vital public safety services to our citizens across the State of Maryland. 

Today, law enforcement and corrections are facing many challenges to accomplishing our public safety missions, but as history has proven, together we can and will overcome these challenges.  It is recognized that we will face renewed efforts to legislate the course and direction of public safety, often in ways contrary to what we know best serves and protects our communities. Our Association will continue to work collaboratively with our communities and our legislators to seek reasonable solutions to the many problems and concerns at hand while remaining focused on impactful goals such as less crime and improved quality of life issues.

I would like to thank all the members of the Maryland Sheriffs' Association for their commitment and contributions to our profession.  There is comfort in knowing that Maryland’s Sheriff’s Offices are home to so many law enforcement and correctional professionals.  These are the men and women who are some of the best trained and equipped deputies in the Country and to whom we all owe a significant measure of thanks for their selfless service.  



Sheriff Jeffrey R. Gahler
President, Maryland Sheriffs’ Association