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What is Triad?

Triad is a grassroots organization that focuses on reducing victimization of older citizens.

Who makes up Triad?

Triad is comprised of county police personnel, sheriff's offices, and older citizens, working together to enhance the delivery of law enforcement services to senior citizens.

How does Triad operate?

An advisory council referred to as a SALT, "Seniors And Lawmen Together", and made up of law enforcement representatives and leaders of the senior community work together to share information and keep informed of issues that are of concern for older citizens living within the county. Issues such as telephone fraud, elder abuse and detection, and safety tips are some topics that may be addressed within a SALT. In some counties, each community forms a SALT council to ensure the individual needs of each community are met. A network between various SALT councils further enhances communication and enforcement efforts.

Where is Triad located?

There are currently 775 Triads spread amongst 47 states, England and Canada.

What can you do locally?

If you want to join or form a S.A.L.T., call your local sheriff's office for additional information.