Please print the application complete it and mail it to the address provided.


Voting MembersThe Sheriffs of the 23 counties and Baltimore City and those deputy sheriffs who are members of the Board of Directors.

  • Annual dues: $125.00
  • Membership renews on July 1


 Associate & Corporate MembersAssociate and corporate members are those affiliated professionals, interested citizens and corporations or corporate representatives who are interested in the promotion of the aims and purposes of the Maryland Sheriffs’ Association, Inc.  Eligible person include deputy sheriffs, civilian employees of Sheriff’s Offices, affiliated law enforcement personnel, corporate supporters, attorneys and others approved by the Board of Directors who wish to participate in MSA activities.

  • Annual dues: $50.00
  • Membership renews on July 1


Honorary Citizen MembersMembers of the community who wish to support the MSA and its mission.

  • Annual contribution:  $25.00
  • Member solicitation and renewal by mail


The MSA works to promote the fair and efficient administration of criminal justice throughout the State of Maryland, to preserve the Office of Sheriff and to support Maryland’s sheriffs in their efforts to discharge their law enforcement, correctional and judicial responsibilities fairly, efficiently and professional manner.